Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 Podcasts of note

I take my iPod everywhere. I started listening to podcasts on many topics in 2005 I think. I thought I would post my 10 favorites in no order.

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe
Most people that started listening to podcasts started here. If they did not start here, they found it relatively quickly. Its a great show, it gives you everything you need, humor, science, Star Trek references and all in a little over an hour. Many thanks are in order to Steven Novella, Rebbecca Watson, Jay and Bob Novella, Evan Bernstein and the late Perry DeAngelis for getting me hooked on this whole podcast thing.

The Nerd List
I like this show and not just because I was on it, but rather on its nature alone. Who hasn't made a top 10 list with friends. The great thing about this show isn't in the list (although they are great)its the banter between the hosts Jon and Shawn. It is like listening to your friends talk, and be warned it is a podcast that will make you talk out loud.

The Mana Pool
I am a geek, and I am a geek that plays Magic so its not really a surprise that I listen to a Magic The Gathering podcast. These guys are self admitted dorks and I love it. They have helped up my game and my desire to play the game.

Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena
So if you ever need the truth on why something you thought was crap is crap, Brian Dunning is the guy to help you out. With nice concise podcasts he gives you the story and the answer, if there is one. And on a topic I touched on recently, Detoxification, he did a much better job.

NPR: Planet Money
Now I know this is not insanely geeky or is it? Riddle me this who else but geeks would turn a story on hedge funds into a musical or have OK go on to discuss the record industry. Lets face it in 20 minutes they gives answers with out making our eyes glaze over.

Savage Love Podcast
We are a world of sickos, but even weird fetishes deserve good advice. Dan Savage gives real advice with out any sugar coating. Lets face it in a world where snorkeling and tea bagging have multiple meanings it is good to have someone be honest.

Fat 2 Fit Radio
Not too much to say on this, except they don't drink the diet industry kool-aid. The do not give advice that is dangerous. That is a good thing.

Beer, BS and Brains
What more could you want, its like the frat boy version of the Skeptics Guide. They drink, discuss news and always end on a BS question. They don't take themselves too seriously.

Science...Sort of
So this is another great podcast that has managed to mix beer, comic references, science and skepticism. These guys will keep you laughing and actually teach you something. Look for a little cross pollination in this podcast, the host Ryan has been on The Nerd List twice now and has interview Steven Novella. I love hearing my podcast merge unexpectedly.

Each week (ish) this group of intrepid geeks discuss 5 news stories. They are just like your friends. The always have really wonderfully geeky moments that will make you laugh.

So these are 10 of the 100 or so shows I subscribe to. Most shows are so inconsistent, but these are good and consistent if not in episode timeliness in content.

Honorable mentions (based on the fact that they are of political or religious nature and not in line with the content of this blog) The Rachel Maddow Show, The Good Atheist, Irreligiosophy, and Dogma Free America

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