Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday Vamping…

I just started playing Vampire: The Masquerade. For those of you who do not know it is a table top RPG (Role Playing Game) much like D&D with more nuance I am a total newb at this so think I should give my take on the game after each session. Although we have had 3 so far, one being character building.

My character is a Malkavian vamp, Brenda Phillips. I choose Malkavian admittedly because I did not want a character that I had to get to into the story. I just wanted to be almost total flavor. Now when a Malkavian is turned something inside snaps and they slowly go crazy. Most people get annoyed with these characters because almost everyone is uncreative. I have seen many profiles for multiple personality vamps. I am stranger than that, so I took my obsession with all things fundie and am a street preaching crazy vamp. So far I have interrogated a hostage while his mouth was taped, asking him questions that pertained to the goal as well as asking him about his soul, handed a drug dealer a bible, and placed tracts on tables at a strip club. The bonus for me is that I actually have these items in my apartment.

The other vamps with me are a Toreador (Arsenic), Brujah (Dr. Kees Dejong)(my boyfriend forever more known as El Giagante Blanco) and a Nosferatu (Jason).

What I have learned so far, the stuff in my purse is awesome, I still have the gun from last week’s tale, I need to learn more about the bible, being the really eccentric character is too fun, and finally that I am not to sure why but I feel the geekiness growing with each game.

Yesterday, we learned that my character is willing to run through the streets screaming the name of our Friend regardless of who he is with. Brenda was given a sign, "A way to save the souls of the city", in a Russian song. Arsenic likes to use his fame to hunt in bars, Kees can't understand why Brenda is trying to save souls and Jason is working on something we don't quite know about.

I have been having too much fun, apparently role playing a crazy religious nut suits me.

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