Monday, April 19, 2010

When Work Sucks...decorate

When Work Sucks
We all have jobs, some geeks have parlayed their geekdom into a fulfilling career, most of us however just work. I get bored at work, but besides coming up with plans for a blog, ways to survive a zombie raid and giggling at podcasts as my co-workers roll their eyes, I have spent some time geeking up my cube.

What I needed to up the geek factor in a cube that contained just a computer:

Albert Einstein: When you have a co worker who regularly says “Science is Bullshit”, its nice to have him glaring at them from your walls

LoLCats: Yep, they make me giggle and you can always swap the postcard sized posters for more giggle inducing ones ever so often.

Kon: Yes, the cute little lion from Bleach. I know, he is not that cute and he can be kinda surly but he has a good heart and a smart assed mouth.

A Dead Skeleton Cat (lovingly named fluffy): It sounds bad I know and I know it creeps out the people (over the age of 30) who come by my desk but dead pets need love too.

Jack’s head: I have a Jack in the Box antenna ball as a pen topper.

Happy Bunny Magnets: I have found that funny magnets to me are mean to others and that makes them down right HILARIOUS!

And so far that is it…I mean I do have an iPod docking station but in the year 2010 who doesn’t? Oh what most middle aged office trolls, huh who knew?

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