Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday Vamping

So last night we ran little vignettes on each character 3 of us met our primogen and one of us did...well I know he is trying to go to a fight club because he sucks as a fighter. So we now know why the other guys have been brought to the city, and why I spent all night hearing poker face.

Interesting things that happened, my boyfriend botched his feeding and nearly killed a girl in the library. He did call her roommate to come pick her up after dragging her to a chair. He also wants a vespa and the men stared at him blankly.

The rock star vamp, Arsenic, of our group has a primogen who is into BDSM, that's right he met him while he had a woman tied up and was whipping her. Now I had gone out to get food and came in on just the whipping.

The nos, Jason, ummm called a fight club? He has some under lying story going on and it involves him calling some one once a week and asking "What's the hemocrit?". So yeah...

I how ever made them work to get me to my primogen. I heard the music, looked for it but when it got quieter I went on with my preaching. When it got way too loud I proceeded to assault an officer by throwing a bible at him and was lead by the music into a cemetery where I met the other 4 Malkavians. It was entertaining to watch our "vamp master" be these other unhinged vampires. I got a pyramid and 2 obelisks, for later.

All in all a fun night, next week we get back to figuring out the lyrics that are in Russian and how it relates to the book.

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