Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reasons to Exercise…Geekified

So I was listening to a podcast, like I always do, and was given a list of 125 reasons to exercise to mull over.  I took my favorites and turned up the geek level with my own added comments, yay me!   (It is going on my fridge or my cube wall)

1. Increase your self confidence and your self-esteem thus improving your kill ratio…
2.  Helps you sleep better we forget to sleep at night…
3. Gives you more energy, to play online longer, later and better
4.  Improves your body shape, hello Princess Leia costume!
5.  Burns up extra calories  but not mana
6.  Tones and firms your muscles, you too can look like a Super Hero!
7.  Lifts your spirits thus increasing your snarky online banter
8.  Makes you limber/flexible so you are able to dodge potential zombie attacks
9. Improves your appetite for healthy food baked Doritos and Diet coke??
10. Alleviates menstrual cramps, yeah I can't geek that up…
11. Improves coordination and balance can you say Wii bowling?
12. Lowers your risk of death from cancer but not from a level 25 Barbarian, sorry…
13. Enables you to relax more quickly and completely so you can focus on the controller/dice in hand
14. Alleviates depression we all have been killed in games, we must soldier on
15. Makes you feel good like rolling all successes
16. Helps you make your body more agile for re-enacting light saber battles on YouTube
17. Increases your positive attitude about yourself and your life, you’re smart enough, good enough and dog gone it people like you
18. Increases the level of the hormone nor-epinephrine, which boosts the spirits but not your experience points
19. Gives you a greater appreciation for life because you feel better about yourself which makes you an all together better member of the guild
20. Makes your clothes look better on you, you can turn the light on when you use the web cam now
21. Enhances sexual performance finally you can make your geeky performance better in bed..wait…we all know geeks are the best lovers, we have better imaginations…
22. Decreases appetite when you work out for 20 minutes to an hour that means less grease spots on your desk?
23. Is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and the great outdoors huh what is this outdoors you speak of?
24. Increases the body's awareness of itself the force is strong in this one
25. Reduces illness so less sick days and more “sick days”...
26. Makes people look at you and say, “wow you look great ...and you play RPGS?! Jackpot!”

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