Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vamping, last week...

So we picked up with our misfit crew back at the library on our search for the Russian poem. Kees is given a new quest, that we all help with. He is asked to get the accounting books for the Vamp helping us.

We go to the dudes house, and basically Kees and Arsenic went inside and the rest of us stood watch. Kees finds something he needs and we leave with out any books. An appointment book inside says he is going a club, the Asp Hole (Vampires love their puns). We get there and walk in separately, I start talking to a table about the bible and how sins are surrounding them. Kees and Arsenic go up some stairs and find a room with a staked vampire, a scuffle ensues. I hear the gun shot over all the noise in the club, grab Jason and we run upstairs.

We ended the night with Jason feeding on one of the guards, and I am holding the pistol I still have to the head of the other guard. With all my abilities to see and understand all that I see, I recognize the staked vamp, say his name and Kees realizes it is a guy the Brujah are looking for.

And that is where we ended up...I think we play Thursday or Friday, hopefully this flu that has kept me home all week we be gone.

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