Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fat Women can't get laid....

Ok, so that is not what the study shows, it does show that being heavy causes women to have less sex and men to have erectile dysfunction.

Obese women were 30 percent less likely than normal-weight women to have had a sexual partner in the last year. In comparison, there was little difference among obese men and normal-weight men as to whether they found a sexual partner.

Fat men also reported a higher rate of erectile dysfunction.

It speaks to the social prejudices that over weight people face. I find it odd that the reports say woman had a hard time finding partners. In all honesty I never had a problem finding partner, in fact (completely anecdotal) I have met bigger guys who got laid less often than me (granted I dip in both pools).

I also find this a bit odd...
The researchers found that obese women were less likely to ask for birth control services, and thus, four times more likely to accidentally get pregnant. Pregnant fat women and their babies also faced a higher risk of complications and death than normal-weight women.

Dr. Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, a specialist in psychosexual medicine at a London sexual health clinic, said physicians must talk to obese women about birth control.

It makes me sad that we make fat women feel so bad that they don't protect themselves or are embarrassed to get birth control. It is so strange that the people that need health care the most are embarrassed to look for health care...


  1. Fat women don't want to go for medical treatment because they know that the focus will be on weight at the expense of everything else. We aren't taken seriously.

  2. I can see that, but I firmly believe that approaching a doctor with the additude that you know about the weight issue and you are dealing with that problem will get you far. It is up to the over weight women to aknowledge that they have a problem.

    Its sad that we live in a world where being over weight causes us to be so ashamed that we ignore our sexual health.