Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Super Sized

I wanted to post about this site away from the previous entry because I think it is horrific with out helping a woman become the "fattest woman alive". It is dubious on its own merits.

First let me say I am all about loving the body you have, it has take many years for me to realize that I can love the body I have. These woman may love their bodies, or rather what they do, and how they keep them. I am not sure you the love themselves. As Susan Powter said in a vlog post a while back that, not one of those girls would say to being thin at the snap of their fingers. I agree totally.

Secondly, there is the freak show factor that we can not ignore here. I am sure there are men and woman turned on by that (but please there is a fetish for everything). Mostly though people click on that link to laugh, point fingers and be disgusted. They post picks of themselves eating, and in on case trying clothes on that don't fit. I am not going to link to any of these woman, I am not going to add to the freak show any more than I am by posting this. There are videos of them eating, "walking" and trying to do every day activities.

Lastly, this site is exploitative (though they are doing the exploiting themselves). No one truly thinks this is the healthy way to live their lives. If it was healthy and normal no one would pay to see them walk to the car or try and get up off the couch. This tries to take the extreme and force it into normality and is just as harmful as pro ana sites. Eventually I will talk about that too...

Be healthy and be happy! I doubt any one thinks you can be happy and not be healthy...

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