Sunday, August 8, 2010

Joining a Gym

So I know I have been distant, and rather depressive lately choosing to post videos rather than information about why we are all here.

I am testing the idea of joining a gym, there is one very close to where I work less than a 3 minute drive and I must pass it to go home. I have a free week and I am going to try and go work out on my lunch break. I am hoping it will work out my stress as well as giving me an outlet that doesn't cause severe time taken from my nerd day activities.

I also will work as hard as possible to eat more than the 950 calories I have been eating everyday (the reason I don't update my food diary, I am embarrassed. The way this should work is as my energy increases from food and exercise the stress becomes easier to manage. Even if it doesn't I want to keep moving toward my goals.

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