Friday, September 10, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

As I sit here first thing in the morning I realize that I am indulgent of my personal guilty pleasures. Like Charmed, I love watching Charmed. Sure I have all the seasons on DVD but there is something very indulgent about watching it when it comes on TV.

I miss a lot of the story by only watching 15 mins at home in the morning and then catching the another season in the after noon but it is nice. It is comforting to watch just parts of the show at home every day.

It is not the most sophisticated show out there, its not even the best in its genre. I am certain there are geeks every where who would argue that Buffy or Angel takes that place. I like the Wheadonverse don't get me wrong. It is just not as indulgent to me.

Some might argue that exercise should be an indulgence but for me it is necessary to make a lifestyle change.

So what do you indulge in?


  1. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Golden Girls with my wife. I don't know why I didn't include that on the list we did. I actually get cravings to watch that show, and am happy when my wife suggests that for what we watch in the evening.

  2. I was so giddy when WE switched from Golden Girls to Charmed because they had been playing Golden Girls in that time slot for so long I had whole episodes memorized...WE, working hard to give you guilty pleasures