Thursday, January 13, 2011

A step back? Oh and Nifty Podcasts...

So if you have been following me on twitter, all 6 of you, you know I hurt my knee. Now I would love to tell you that I was on my 30th mile running up hill and twisted swerving to miss a muskrat but...I did by standing. Seriously I was standing there talking to a co-worker, started to walk straight and my knee was just pain.

The good news is that the swelling has gone down and the discomfort is almost gone as well. In fact I was able to sit cross legged for 5 whole minutes!

So in my infinite wisdom, I decided that I would keep my mind active by trying a few new (or new to me) podcasts.

Geeks in Running Shoes was the first one I tried. It was great. I am no runner (yet) but I thoroughly liked the episodes I listened to.

The Beyond Diet Podcast was another one. It was very informative. I think it was nice to here people talk about goal forming and effective ways to keep them.

Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone is the last one but not new to me. I just don't think I have mentioned it before. I like their topics and they are not too serious or dry. They feel like real people, and since I have a hard time relating to non geek women it is nice.

But before you go thinking I am all sweet, there is one I have listened to and did not like.

Ask Leigh I did not care for at all. It may have been just the few I checked out but I kinda thought she was a bit harsh. It is true that sometimes must be firm with advice but she seemed rude to me. Of course it could just be my distaste for single person podcasts.

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