Saturday, January 22, 2011

When life happens, resolve falters…sometimes

Lets travel back in time all the way back to Wednesday. Somehow a magic dozen donuts appeared in our office. I did partake because I know the calories I burn and the deficit I had plus I had my lunchtime workout and my strength training that night. Well at lunch I started my car and POP goes the belt. So I spent my lunch calling AAA and the CarX guys.

On top of that I had to get a ride from work to my house. Lets just say that took longer than expected and resulted in another day lost. By taking longer than expected I mean my boss took me to the bar across the street from my house and bought me drinks without asking. She's my boss so...I drank. That means I lost my work out because I am a light weight. So Wensday was a bust and Thursday resulted in me waiting on my car and eating pizza. Friday was more of the same.

Today is Saturday, I plan on cleaning and getting a workout in (hopefully 2). I don't feel sad or even weak. I can fix a very small snag.

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