Monday, January 10, 2011

Work and Working Out

So we all have to work for a living, some people like my dear boyfriend have jobs they love. Some people like me have jobs that are, well, jobs. Don't mistake, I like my job and I have become pretty damn good at it. There are some drawbacks that have been impacting the achievement of my “sexy geek” goal.

Part of it stems from us just being flat understaffed. We had a girl quit and as of today not replaced her. So this leaves me as the only person who is supposed to be in the office for the entire day. The 2 sales girls leave to do their sales thing. Also I managed to work late 3 times last

Since I work out at lunch this has seemed to pose an issue. I need to leave the office for that hour. Not just to work out but everyone needs a sanity break. I only made it to the gym once last week and worked out twice at home. Stress is my trigger, the more stressed I get the more likely I am to visit the vending machine. Its hard to feel motivated to work out when you stuffed your face with chips and such.

I am pushing through it. I am working hard and trying to stay focused.

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