Sunday, February 27, 2011

Geek Love

As my boyfriend and I were surfing the net the other day we found this, Serious Discussions for Geek Couples. I made him answer...and now I post them for the world to see...

10. Am I free to date if you die?
Yes, but you’re not allowed to fall in love again. You can have all the sex you want, but seriously if you fall in love I will haunt the fuck out of you.

9. Will you kill me if I am facehugged, bitten by a zombie, etc.?
Totally. I will have to dig deep, gather my strength, steel my reserve, then I will put a bullet in your brain, and a stake in your heart. Just in case, you understand.

8. Do we convert if we witness a miracle?
No, but we sell souvenirs.

7. Do we welcome our alien overlords?
We make a nice front, but secretly run a resistance against those reptoid bastards.

6. Are we going to get cyber implants? If so, how many?
Only the one that allows me to read while driving.

5. Are AIs and manufactured sentients deserving of human rights?
They deserve rights and an easily accessible off switch.

4. Is being body-switched with your worst enemy grounds for a break-up?
Only if counseling or large doses of alcohol don’t help

3. Does the holodeck count as cheating?
Holodecks are not cheating as long as the holos are not people you know, and a strict limit of three times per holo.

2. Are we raising the kids Orthodox Jedi or Reform?
Orthodox, otherwise we risk raising a Sith.

1. Are we in this for loot, or XP?
The XP, because loot will come.

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