Monday, February 21, 2011

Princess Leia

She is that icon that in many cases started our launch into geekdom. While the other girls were Cinderella, we put buns on our head and shot our little blasters. They dreamed of Prince Charming’s kiss we waited for Han’s “I know”. I know that most of us geek girls dreamed of wearing that gold bikini, playing with the ewoks, delivering the plans of the Death Star to the rebel forces, and smarting off to Darth Vader. She taught us that it was ok to actually be a fighting princess not just a sitting princess.

Now you may be wondering how this lesson in the glory of Princess Leia has much do with fitness or losing weight but it does. Carrie Fisher is now a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig. I think I have talked before about not approving of their small calorie, pre-packaged food. I love Carrie Fisher and I am glad she is trying to lose weight she has gained. She is not the svelte princess anymore. I applaud her effort I just hope she is realistic in what the program can do.

It’s also a great lesson to us all; we seem to think and behave like the skinny have it easy and never have to worry. They don’t they struggle and lose jus like the rest of us. That is almost as comforting as “I know”.

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