Friday, February 18, 2011


On the heels of a wonderful Super Bowl (go Packers! And Thor and Captain America) I got sick, very sick. I missed 2 days of work and well over a week of work outs. I am much better now and in my nifty new shoes, Reebok Run Tones. My goal weight is still on track oddly enough because I was unable to eat for a large portion of last week.

Today is (was depending on when I get this posted) a new day. I will work out at lunch, I will eat again. I will also get my hair cut and styled all sassy like. I am planning to wear my sexy new boots to Gen Con in August.

On the geekier side of life, I have managed to pick up Scott Pilgrim vs. The World both the movie and the soundtrack. I am loving this album, it is filled with angsty hipster wonderfulness.

And finally in V Day news…My boyfriend and I spent most of Saturday just floating through our town like the bohemian hipsters we are and playing Left 4 Dead 2 while sipping white wine. We did meet with an artist about getting our tattoos done. We are getting them done on Wednesday and both the Tattoos and new hair cut will be posted for the world to enjoy.


I have been very busy. I did not get this posted in time. I got my tattoo last night I will put a picture below. It was a wonderful cathartic experience. Also I have worked out every day his week. This weekend is gearing up to be fun, 2 brewery tours, a game of trivia, a night of Vampire and a concert. Life is good and I lost 2 more pounds! Woot!

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