Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I was so fat…

I pulled the strength training diagrams from this month’s Fitness Magazine and started working out while I was watching Buffy (I am late to this party, just finished the first season). I had my weights out and started busting through this neat strength training routine. I was hot and sweaty when I started thinking back to the last show I watched while working out.

Come with me back 5 years or so. I was almost at my heaviest and had decided I wanted to work out in my apartment. I wanted to do cardio as I watched TV. Since I had not stepped on the scale I was completely unaware of my own size. I knew I was big but in my head I had rationalized my weight to about 220 (in reality I must have been near or at the 300lb mark). I was somehow living on peanuts and the most I could spend on any equipment was like 150.00. I went to Amazon and bought a small stair climber, rated at 250lbs.

It worked well; I was working out on it for an hour plus every day for about 3 weeks. Then it broke. I was pissed but it did have a warranty for mechanical failures. So I called them and explained what part broke. I was then asked how much I weighed because that was a part that’s integrity had a limit. I told them about 220 and they said well send in the part and something showing your current weight. Needless to say I stepped on a scale saw it fly by the 250 mark and stepped off before it settled on a number. I threw the climber away.

There is no great moral point here, I just thought I would share a story that I am not sure I have shared with anyone….

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