Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My friends make me fat....Nah!

There has been a lot of passing research into how our friends and family affect our weight and our success at losing it. The research and the headlines say that yes, in fact our friends make you fat and keep you fat. When you hang out with your friends you eat, drink and be merry. My friends are other geeks and nerds, so we eat, drink, game for hours, drink and eat. Most of you people should know that at this point I blame no one for my weight gain or for blocking any weight loss. I am responsible for my work outs, my eating, and everything that goes into me being a healthy person.

So I contend that my friends make me smarter. Aside from the actual facts that I learn from them on a daily basis, I am made smarter in my behaviors because I have the pleasure of their company. When I know I am going out or going to a gaming session I know there will be junk food, beer and soda. Since I am in control of what I eat and when I make it possible to eat and drink with my friends and still lose weight. I will scrimp and save what I eat daily to drink on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I will sip on glass of beer while everyone else has several. I will eat one piece of pizza and let the rest ride. I get to join in but not overindulge. You don’t have to blame your friends, they don’t deserve that.

So here is a salute to all my friends, you make me smarter, you let me be myself and most importantly you are the best family one can choose to have. A pitcher of beer on me!

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