Saturday, March 5, 2011

When we eat, Why we eat

I am surfing the net, as I am want to do, generally looking through news sites for some interesting tidbits to share here. I was searching the “Health and Diet” sections when I scrolled down to the comments. As a general rule I don't read comments on news sites because they rarely present insights worth reading. One thing did strike me today though, several times I read posts from people who said that they ate when depressed and that they felt more depressed by the weight and ate to feel better. That forms an endless negative feedback loop.

So why do those of us with weight to lose (whether we are trying to lose it or not) eat. I find myself to be an emotional eater. I am sad, sick or bored I will stuff my face. Most people do this and on the flip side if I am happy and hanging out with my friends I will eat then too. All emotions call for food.

I also tend to be a late night snacker. I can go all day with out feeling hungry but the later it gets the more I crave bad food. Gaming also feeds this late night snaking habit. Last night I will tell you I ate way too much candy, that I bought no less. As the vampire game went on I just kept reaching out and grabbing the candy 2 or three pieces at a time.

I think though what I should be doing is talking about how we conquer these things, or rather how I conquer them. I do falter but one does not lose the weight I have with out getting a handle on the root problems. The easiest ones to deal with are actually the emotional eating problems. For example when I am sick I will cut up an apple into little slices and dip them into peanut butter. When I am bored, stressed or annoyed I work out. I have learned that shaking my ass to a song feels better than eating bad food. We also don't keep it in the house, so if I must have that candy I crave I have to get dressed walk 3 blocks to the convenient store or pay to move my car.

The eating with friends is another issue entirely. I think most of that comes from a pure will check, and sometimes I botch. When all of them are noshing on pizza and beer it is hard not to carelessly dive in with them. I think I will start just eating out of my purse, granola, apples and such and see where that gets me.

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