Monday, April 11, 2011

A Geek Filled Weekend

We had a great geeky weekend. Friday we finished our characters for the new game of Werewolf. I am a proud, pure bred Wendigo. Then on Saturday, we bought a new game Betrayal of the Haunted House, new dice sets (mine are glittery and pretty) and prepared for a night of gaming. Everyone came over and we played Betrayal, Who’s a Werewolf, some Magic the Gathering and Trivial Pursuit. Trivial Pursuit was fun but the girls lost and learned that men can’t shut up as you think to save their lives. Trivia happened as always on Sunday and we came in second!

Now for the interesting part, how we managed to make it a fairly healthy. On Saturday we ate a simple “breakfast”, and had sushi for dinner. We also seemed to hold back on the gamer snacking and only had a few glasses of wine and port. Sunday was more of the same, we had a calorie filled dinner but were very conservative “breakfast”. Also on Sunday I went walking with a friend because well I like her but also it was finally a perfect spring day!

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