Monday, April 11, 2011

Weight Loss for the Family

Weight loss is a lifestyle change. I always advocate the lifestyle change vs. the diet. Sometimes we get so focused on our own journey and triumphs that we fail to see that we have left our families behind. We make 2 meals or cut our own portions but serve everyone else huge portions. We know how much we eat with out know what they eat. We should fix this issue but how?

In my house it is a simple matter of paying attention. I have to be aware of the lunches I pack for my sweetie. I need to give him food in quantities that I myself would eat with the calories appropriate to his size and goal weight. He gets to eat more than I do, he is well over a foot taller than I am. The same goes with kids I would imagine, if you give them food they will eat it and there is no good reason to give them chips while you eat carrot sticks.

The other half of any good weight loss plan is working out. That should be a family activity, even if it is not our primary work out. I will do any where from 15 to 45 mins with my sweetie so that we are both engaged and working for the same goals. You can also just be active together, summer is around the corner and I know that means a lot more strolling down the street, walking to the lake and things are in our future. I have also noticed that my family of friends have started to be more active or just include me in their active activities, so its not just D&D, it’s the gym, belly dancing and walking along the coast.

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