Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Little Team that Could Relay for Life!

The Relay for Life was Friday and Saturday. For those of you who don't know what it is here is a quick explanation; You raise money up to and during the event for The American Cancer Society then in solidarity you walk for about 16 hours, over night because cancer never sleeps. Any other questions just ask.

My corprate office wanted agencies to sponsor teams and I volunteered to run our agency's team. Against many odds we formed a small team, one of the smallest teams. My friends and I raised at last count about $1300.00 just shy of the high goal I set for us at $1500.00 (you can still donate if you feel the need, donations will be counted towards this year's goals until August). I am proud of what we did and am eager to form a non-corprate based team with my friends next year.

You don't come to this blog to hear about that stuff though let's talk about all the physical exhertion that comes with walking for 16 hours, even in shifts. On my team we had a sampling of all fitness levels and we were all sore by the end of it. I felt the need to be the one on the track the most at the start...bad idea. I walked 5 miles or more by midnight, oops. Once I sat down the stiffness and soreness sat in. It appears that was the case with alot of my teamates as well. We all pushed ourselves and save for about 30 mins kept some one on the track at all times. I am proud of us but more over I am proud at all our friends who came and did laps for us and with us. They had no reason to be there other than friendship, I love them all.

My only disappointment comes from the other teams. So many of the big teams sponsored by big companies were gone bu 8:00 am when we were not done until 10:00 am. They also could not have possibly kept people on the track all night because at some points there were only like 15 people on the track. It was based on the honor system but I think that sacrifices the intent of the event. Their actions are thier own and I am proud that we kept with the spirit of the event.

So I have learned that most of my friends are a bit sore and stiff but no one is down with any serious self inflicted wounds and again I am proud. We are in need of a pat on the back and a well deserved pitcher of beer tonight at trivia!

I have never had friends like this, and I am humbled by all of thier actions and donations of both time and money.

Thank You!

PS Drink water...


  1. Our family participates in this every year as our son is battling cancer for the second time. Cole has raised about $4,000 and our Relay is in a month. Our team has raised another $2500. We are hoping to hand in over $8,000 this year!!! :) I spoke for a local mini Relay a few weeks ago, and I'm speaking again for our local BIG Relay next month.

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  2. Kate, The Shrinking GeekJune 23, 2011 at 6:26 PM

    You are an inspiration to my team. We hope we can do more to help the cause next year! (also we might train by walking or