Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cha, Cha, Changes….

So this past week was all about changes, not personal changes so much as a change in our local Family. We had an unfortunate break up with in our circle and all the insane rumors that go with it. No one knows all the details, but those in my family who read this, just breathe. I got wasted on Wednesday and missed work on Thursday.

In positive news, I still have not gained any weight even lost a few. Also on Saturday night I went to the CD Release party of my friends band 89 Mojo and for the first time in a long time felt attractive. After that we went to our home bar (where I drank copious amounts of water) to celebrate our dear friend’s birthday. A couple of things I figured out, I have energy and endurance to dance the night away, and I feel pretty when I get to be myself. We danced the night away and if you are a friend of mine on facebook, there is a video of us singing and dancing to CeeLo’s “Fuck You”. It was a girl power moment, with The Jade Prophet as or token dude.

I also learned that I have a few friends who want to start walking at night. I have agreed to start walking with people at various points during the day. Rather I will continue to walk at lunch when I can and I will add in walks at night and on the week end and if I end having walked more times then there are days in the week, I will be fine. I will miss the walk today and hit the gym instead, if I get a lunch.

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