Wednesday, July 6, 2011


GenCon is fast approaching! My friends and I are gearing up to hit the con in true geek style. (For my fitness followers a “Con” is a convention, teehee!) It looks like at the minimum there will be 4 people in our room although there are many people who are thinking of making the trek down to indy for a day or 2, the more the merrier.

This is my first real con, I have been to small ones back in Texas but this is the big time baby! So things I am looking forward to, Checking out new gaming systems, Swag, the White Wolf party (I hear its epic), and mostly just hanging with my friends and playing games with geeks from all over!

On the fitness side, there will be a ton of walking going on and I am fully stoked at the fitness center and the roof top pool at our hotel, I am hopping to get to utilize both. It is going to be the first real vacation I have had in a few years and I am excited, just 28 days to go! I don’t own a laptop so don’t expect live blogs but follow my twitter feed for up to the minute updates and cool stuff.

If you are going to GenCon and want to meet up for a drink, game or just hangout for a bit send me a message on twitter and we will figure it out. Also if you wish you were going and can’t what would you like me to check out for you?


  1. I love going to GenCon! :) It is a blast. One of these days I'm gonna be all hawt and do some cosplay! (But not this year, haha.)
    Have a great time!!

  2. I am excited for you. I am sure you will have a blast.