Friday, July 22, 2011

It Friday, Friday

So right now all of us little geeklings are keeping an eye, ear or twitter feed on San Diego ComiCon (#sdcc on twitter). It is the time of year we all lament the fact we can’t be their in full Cosplay regalia. Never mind how far away we are or the fact that it has become so pop culture that there is a Glee panel this year, that is right kiddies, Glee has a panel right there with The Big Bang Therory, Dr. Who, and what ever Lucus Arts is pimping. We want to be there, to see the pretty shiny new things and look at the booth babes.

I suspect that we are all watching coverage and reading news feeds from the Con. I am going to tell you what I have seen come out that I find kinda cool. I am not there, I am not that rich, cool or note worthy to have gone. All my news comes from the web, podcasts and such.

One panel that caught my eye was the “Oh You, Sexy Geek!” panel. It seems to have been about fandom and the sexualization of females by “geek culture”. It had such noted geeks as Adrienne Curry, Clare Grant, and Bonnie Burton, among others. I have not seen or heard it but the twitter feed seemed a bit mixed. With that selection of ladies I assume it was witty and fun and a bit tongue and cheek.

I saw a pic of the new Harley Quinn action figure from Arkham City. What a fantastic figure, I was worried about them taking her typical look away but she is fierce and crazy. In other awesome news, it seems that Lego™ has acquired the rights to both Marvel and DC and has a line of awesome little Lego™ superheroes.

I’ll give you more info later when I search through the stacks of blogs, news reports and vids from the convention.

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