Thursday, July 21, 2011


I thought I would make a lit of things I feel I have been successful at over the past few months despite the ups and downs

1. Managing my head space. I feel more in control than I have in a while.

2. Staying up with all the twitterverse

3. I have proved that most of weight loss is in the diet. My workouts have been inconsistent but my careful control of my intake has kept weight from creeping on.

4. I have friends! I mean I always knew I had friends but recent events have made me very aware of how they are my family as well.

5. I am taking control of my work. I am letting stress go, venting when I can and not allowing them to invade my life. I refuse to answer my phone after work and on weekends, they don’t pay me for that and it is not worth my strife.

6. I eat yogurt every day! Its small and dumb but make me happy.

7. I have had quality time with my friends and great quality time with my sweetie!

8. I get to go to GenCon!! (Not a success, but I am excited)

9. I am almost an official college student again. I deserve this.

10.Nail polish that lasted almost 4 days!

11.The work it at work program is fun and a good break.

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