Friday, July 8, 2011

Things that fill me with delight! (Post One Hundred)

A list filled with random delight! Add your delight in the comments!

1. My baby, @TheEduHater

2. Still down 120 lbs!!!!!!

3. Eurovision Songs like:

4. Epic Rap Battles! Einstien vs Hawking

5. I Just Had Sex

6. McAuliffe’s, the bar where I can drink with a post man and almost everybody know my name.

7. Trivia! Both DJ Trivia (we are the champs of Racine) and Team Trivia

8. Game nights, whether its Dead Lands or Munchin.

9. My Friends, I love them all and with out them I would never have realized how good beer can be.

10. Twitter. You people rock!

11. Questionable Content. That web comic had me on the edge of my seat this week!

12. Trueblood. It is not Twilight, you call it Twilight with boobs I might punch you.

13. The weekends!!!

14. Walking with my girl Erika!

15. The “blooper” reel to our yet unpublished podcast

16. These cartoon theme songs, as they have been in my head for days

17. As always dancing around to G33k and G4m3r Girls

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