Friday, July 1, 2011

Work it at work week 1

So this is the first week of my work it at work program and before I show my numbers, I have to explain the changes I made. First thing first the “chair” and “plank” exercise had to go. They were to be time challenges for myself but it was next to impossible to actually do them at work. The second thing is instead of alternating days, I am just planning to try and just do a condensed list every day. Third, I eliminated the “day of dance” because I spend about 20 mins every day dancing around the office.

Simple weekly goals.

Chair Squats 35
Toe Raises 50
Rear Leg Lifts 80
“Desk Dips” 20 (nice and easy)
Wall Push Up 28
Ab Twists 50 (just consistent)

Any thoughts or comments?

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  1. I saw the workitatwork tag and I was going to ask. I think I have go back and read through some old posts so I'm not all behind.