Monday, August 1, 2011

GenCon Prep Time!

So I am preparing for my vacation to GenCon. I thought I would give you a rundown about what kinda prep I am doing. Part of my prep involves me getting food ready to carry with me at all times. Not entire meals but snacks to keep the energy high and the bad fat low. I bought bulk trail mix, fruit mix and soy nuts from a local store. I will make little baggies to carry in my Beatles bag of holding. A brief list of what goes into this bag

My wallet (duh)
My dice bag, until I get a new one
A magic deck or 2
A note book and pen

The one thing that makes me nervous is the thought of playing new games with no prep. I am not so geeky that I can pick up a game going through only one quick telling of the rules. I am also dying to try the assortment of Christian games that will be at the con and available for demo. Anything I demo I will try and write about and tweet about because I can.

OH! The other thing I will let everyone know about is the amazing gym they appear to have in the hotel I am staying in.

I doubt I will blog again before I leave and until after the con.

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  1. Have fun!! :) I'm excited for you. Lots of pics!