Thursday, August 11, 2011

GenCon Recap and Review!!!!

I am back from the amazing trip that took me to GenCon. There is so much to talk about that I am going to try and be as organized as possible. Maybe if I think before I type it will all make sense to you.

First let’s talk about the hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton in Indy. We will not be staying there again if we can help it. It just did not seem like the appreciated the business. We did not get breakfast because we booked with GenCon the second day the maid did not come in because she came by at 8:45 and we were still there. The pool was nice though after a day of tons of walking.

Fitness wise I only did one major work out then I walked at least 6 to 8 miles a day so I had that going for me. I also kept my food mostly in check. We really only ate one big meal a day and then we snacked on trail mix and stuff.

Now to the good stuff, we demoed so many games and talked to so many developers that it was borderline system overload. On Thursday we spent most of the day in the will call line but we did walk the floor a bit and attended the panel White Wolf did on “V20” the 20th anniversary release of Vampire the RPG. Listening to them discuss how the book came together and hearing their excitement for the book made us all want it a little bit more. We also went to the GenCon burlesque show.

The Cheese Weasel quest allowed us to demo games from places we never would have stopped at and we felt so lucky we were forced to go outside our comfort zone. Some things we picked up, my sweetie is going to run a game of Hallow Earth (he spent a lot of time talking to the developer), I am going to run a game of Part Time Gods, we picked up Hike, Crappy Birthday, and our friend picked up every expansion for Dominion.

I learned that I need a camera because pulling my phone is a hassle. Next year I will attend more seminars and workshops. All and all I had a blast and it has stoked my geeky gamer fire.

I know I forgot a lot but I wanted to put something up and I will answer all questions about events, games or anything if you have any!

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  1. Glad you liked the ConQuest Game. I am the Chiefweasel, the one who gave you the cards. Check us out next year.