Saturday, August 20, 2011

Move Together Fitness- A Review

Today I had a freebie session with Jacqueline of Move Together Fitness. I wanted to get this down on “paper” before I get to far into the day. First the website and idea appealed to both my fitness geek and geek geek sides. The concept is so wonderful, a personal trainer in your home with out paying all your spending money for the next five years. By the math alone it is about the same as the trainer at my gym but with out the intimidation I would feel (and minus the cost of gas, parking and car maintenance to drive from my house to the gym on a Saturday). You don't need a lot of additional other than a web cam. I kinda think this would be perfect for people like my mom, or people who live no where. I also bet that if you home schooled your kids you could find love in this.

The actual work out was very solid, I was sweating and breathing heavy with out panting. There will be parts of my body very wonderfully sore in the morning. We did a nice warm up and my own stamina surprised me. I did a few new to me stretches and then very nice simple but effective strength moves. I have the cardio thing down. I have the tendency to transition from one move to another with out checking my body especially in cardio. When I did that she stopped me and we reset. That is fantastic because it means she is actually paying attention.

What I found so wonderful about the session was the feed back loop that I did not even get in person. For all the Jillian workouts I have done, I still am constantly scared I am “doing it wrong”. One session helped me feel “Ok, I actually may know a thing or two about my body.”. It was very reassuring to be told I had good form, and that is something I don't get alone, at the gym or with a video AND I did not have to go out in the rain we found today.

I honestly feel like this is an appointment I was glad I made and kept. We used the weights I had and body weights. I felt comfortable enough to actually be myself instead of that persona we put on in front of the trainers at gyms. Since I did not have to leave my house I feel like I did not loose a giant chunk of my day by doing what feels good.

This is a pretty glowing review, and I am not sure in one session I can find too many flaws. The only complaint I have is that you are limited to the camera you have and the room you have. The Geek Cave is dark with no overhead light so on a cloudy day it was almost as dark as a real cave and it made me feel guilty. Let me tell you my geek pride was hurt by how horrible my camera is and has just jumped 3 million places on my want to buy list.

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