Thursday, August 11, 2011

Renewed Motivation

My parents are planning a visit in November.. I keep saying it so that it sinks in properly. I am now planning a triumphant return to trying to run because I think I will need the distraction and easy work out while they are here.

I also want to show my mom that some one can lose weight and keep it off. See my mom is a cronic yo-yo dieter. All my life I remember her trying fad after fad. I remember slimfast, metbolife and a zillion other pills. As a kid I thought she should just stop doing all that work if it never lasted. As an adult I see things from a very different perspective. My mom was unhappy with her body. She was also under the pressure of having kids, a mortgage, and working. It was hard for her to not want a panacea. She also suffered from depression and food as a joy and comfort. Now I think she is sure that she can not lose weight.

Watching her weight struggle has always motivated me to lose weight and take care of myself. I get to come first (I swear I try and remember that). I also have had to as an adult learn to deal with small digs about my weight loss, “Well keep your bigger clothes just in case” ect. I am an adult and in control of my life. I get to look pretty and lose weight. I am not destined for failure in this endeavor.

I love my mom and I want to make her proud. Maybe I can even inspire her.

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