Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Belly Dancing!!!!

Last night my gaming session got cancelled due to an illness. It gave me the chance to go to my friend’s belly dance class. I have not had a chance to go to one of her dance classes because Tuesdays are always gaming night or I am the one calling it off due to illness.

So Meg actually holds several classes a week and she just started Zumba classes, her website is . Check out her schedule and take a class, she also offers fantastic deals on packages of classes. I am actually hoping to hit the Zumba class today. She is a great teacher, and not just because she is my friend but rather she makes everyone feel like they can be beautiful dancers if they are dancing out of joy not robotically.

This was the first class I have taken where I have learned choreography in years. I forgot how much fun dancing with a group can be. I felt graceful and pretty. I felt like I knew my body and how it moves to look good in body rolls, shimmies and such. It made me feel like I was in touch with my body and dammit it was fun. I love to dance (that is no secret) and I feel more like dancing today. I kinda hope I looked ok while I moved, I know that my hips are made for that style of dance.

So what was the last class you took?


  1. My last class was Zumba months ago. I need to get back into them...

  2. I am just hoping I don't end up flailing like a total