Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Drama and Taking Care of Yourself

We as humans get engaged in all sorts of drama. Right now in my circle of friends, we have a virtually unheard of level of drama. Its not my place to air it all out here suffice it to say people seem to be sucking the air out of everyone sails. Every friendship and every relationship is a give and take. In my group we are less friends and more family so it sucks that this is happening. We all just want it to stop.

All that aside I am truly enjoying the level of self care some of us are working on. Most of us self declared geeks are working out and eating better. We are turning exercise into a group activity and the more of us that walk the more fitness levels are accommodated. If you walk a little slower hang back you are not alone and if you are like me you try to lead the pack. Most days I am walking at least once, though many days I am walking twice.

The best part is that we push each other, it has become a standing date. We can walk out the drama, talk about life and just become better friends. It is almost exclusively geek girls. We are the type of girls far more likely to be caught chasing a ferret after being told it could be a fisher and it lives on blood than we are are painting our nails. We are learning together that working out, taking care of ourselves, is not shallow but fun. We are not becoming ditzy cosmo girls we are just becoming the ones most likely to survive the pending zombie apocalypse.

I love the fact that I can help people start the process of getting fit and I wonder if they know how much it helps me continue my path. What do you do to engage the people around you to become healthy?


  1. I just try and talk about my lifestyle. The people who love me embrace it--- and they are the people I spend the most time with! :)


  2. Good for you for taking it out on the pavement. Drama sucks, period.

  3. Your post is very timely. I have become more and more vocal about my desire to be healthy...not just in blog land but also on FB. I welcome to accountability and the challenge it affords me. I also think that we as a society need to be more open about our desire foe better health. I also think the battle of the bulge can only be won when more honest conversations about food, exercise, etc take place.

  4. I think our actions tell people that we actually do want to be healthy.

    @Sarah I feel like the preacher of health in my group of friends some time. Maybe I talk about it too much.

    @Stormy I am trying to find more local people tom make a group where we all can be held accountable.