Monday, September 26, 2011

Hip Pain and Desperation

My hip hurts. I injured it a few weeks back when I may have been over using it. Ok I was walking like 2 hours a day…or more. Needless to say it has put a damper on my work outs in the last week. The consensus among my smart friends is that I might have a touch of bursitis. I have taken several days off, I don’t think I have walked since last Tuesday (although I have walked today and might again later). If I sit too long it hurts to get up and is so stiff I look like I am broken.

I am desperate to work out again regularly. I need to walk and stretch. On top of that I am feeling myself reach for food to make me feel better because I can’t walk it out. How dumb is that, my body hurts I can’t work out as hard as I was and my reaction is to fall back on food. That is how I know that life is always a work in progress…I can literally see how far I have come and still see old habits right under the surface.

I know I am better than I was 100lbs ago, I no longer have a bad moment and need food. It takes a bad week or two to make me crack. I am honest now. If you check out my fitness pal profile you will see when I eat poorly and when I eat ok. You will see when I work out and when I don’t. RAWR! As always just typing this out and putting words to my emotions makes me feel more human. Thanks for listening!

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