Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Birthday and Changes

So yesterday was my birthday (although I celebrated all weekend long) I gave myself on of the best gifts I could, my 2 weeks notice. That is right, I found a new job with a different company. We all know that my current job has not been sitting well with me, causing stress and destructive behaviors.

Since I have forced myself into better practices and changed my frame of mind I am almost certain that allowed me to get a new job. I will be working for a company that makes Eco-Friendly cleaning products.

I also just cancelled my gym membership. As you might have noticed I have been walking alot lately so the gym was not serving my purpose. I know in the depths of winter I will have to figure something out but I have a month to fix that issue. Right now I feel it is more healthy to walk with my friends, where we can huff and puff and make the time fly by. It also feels like I am actively helping people lose weight and reach their goals.

There are a few other plans in the works but I will keep those close to my vest until they happen.

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