Thursday, September 29, 2011

My first 5k (99% Sure)

For the past 2 days I have been writing a blog on finding a goal. It was all about how I don't know how, or what kinda goal I should set. I even felt unmotivated, like I wasn't moving forward. I even started setting goals with my work out buddy. Then after I sent myself my blog I was checking out twitter when I think the answer was given.

The most geektasic 5k was brought to my attention (thanks @demented_pants on twitter). It is a Zombie Run 5k. Soak that in for a moment. It’s a downright practical . I am so very excited at this prospect. True the nearest event is in Indianapolis, but it might be worth the drive just for my first 5k. It seems similar to a Warrior Dash but with Zombies. There are 12 obstacles that you must overcome in order to get through the race and you have a “health bar” via a flag football belt. Oh to make it even better there are hidden health deposits on the course.

I am feeling out my friends to see if there is an interest in training for this event. I have a friend who just did a warrior dash so she might be game for this. think it is going to be a blast and I hope I can get support for this event. The running training will have to be done in stages with the winter coming my way but the strength training and endurance can commence now.

I have not been this excited about a fitness opportunity in a long time! Wish me luck...

PS: I know it is in June, and that is along time away but I am excited!

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