Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Job, Food and Ramblings!

So I got a new job, I know I have mentioned this before. I started on Monday and so far so good. I like having a few more people in the office and the stress level inside the office and with other staff seem to be very low. Everyone seems to work together and unlike my last job it is day three and I don’t dread coming in. The real bonus is that this company makes products I can and have used! They make and sell eco-friendly cleaning products! Check them out and that is the end of my pimping of my wares

I have not been the best eater lately, sure I have eaten below my calories on most days but it has not been the best quality things. I do know now that I can go home for lunch I have no excuse to eat poorly. I do need to start walking at lunch again. Yes I know it has been 3 days. We are walking at night still. Yay us!

One new thing is that I can literally stop at the store on my way home and still get home before I used to. This has lead me to picking up food for a meal at a time (yes I know it’s been 3 days). It is one of those discount food places, you know the ones where you bag your own groceries and the fresh food is limited but it is convenient and with smart shopping techniques I have been able to spend about 8 dollars a meal for the 2 of us each day.


  1. Congrats on your new position! Less stress and not dreading going in are HUGE!

  2. I am glad 2 hear that you like your new job... I know how un-fun it is to work at a place that you don't like.

  3. The new job has made me a more relaxed person. I am not snapping at people anymore and I am only sarcastic when it is actually funny and not hurtful.

    ~ The Shrinking Geek (stupid blogger won't let me comment on my own blog)