Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh the Games!!

So Vampire: The Masquerade game has started again. It makes me so happy when I can commune with Brenda (my character) and I feel like she is actually growing with the XP not just gaining skills. We added 2 new people to our game and it is now almost too big to fit at my table. Our most recent session started us looking for Lynn, a missing (maybe) primagen. I got to use my impressive new auspex and I got to turn a teenager into a virtual robot. That was needed since my partner at the time licked the kid when he failed his self control roll.

In other RPG news, we are getting our characters together for a high fantasy game. I am playing a shifter with the goal of shifting into a real life Catwoman. She is part cat, and is taking the role of thief in the group. I get to be agile, lithe and have animal senses. If I play my cards right I will convince my GM to let me have a pet panther that I can talk to because I need a pet to role-play.

Deadlands has been on a small hiatus due to my sweeties work schedule, although it looks to be interesting because when you give the storyteller too much time to think, you die by pretty colors or something. I think we are getting closer to a big plot point soon.

Speaking of my sweetie, I expect I will be playing a one-shot of his Hollow Earth game. I am looking forward to all of us making these pulpy 1930’s feeling characters, for my actual character think of Katherine Hepburn, a pants wearing intelligent starlet. I am looking forward to it and playing with a Dying millionaire.

Oh and there is still a Star Trek, Part Time Gods and I might have a playtest I am working on...mwuahahahaha

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