Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Shrinking Geek Book

I am working on a book. It’s not the type of book you are thinking about. I doubt anyone cares about my past and I have not really finished my journey to a point where I could write about it, if I ever do. No the book I am talking about is something more of a reference guide. I have months of Fitness, Shape, Self, Women’s health and an occasional running magazine. I have kept almost all of them.

What I am going to do is grab a 3 ring binder and compile a reference guide. It will be across all the magazines, with no bias towards one over the other. It will be divided into three sections, Workouts, Recipes, and those “How I did it” testimonials. I think it is something that I will actually use and I won’t have to remember which recipe was in what magazine.

The workouts are what first caught my eye. There are days in the frozen cold winters where I am watching a marathon on TV but I want to work out. I would then search through all my magazines to find something that I could do. It was time consuming. Also if I am actually going to become a geek trainer, I want to know what workouts are making it to print so that I can make them work for me and my clients (should I ever get that far). They also give me inspiration to try something new and fun that will challenge my muscles while I get to watch Charmed, Buffy or anything else I like.

Oddly enough cutting out the testimonials was a no brainer; I had been doing that for a while. Some of them are not relatable to me, but some of them are virtual mirror and all of them have elements of great information and inspiration. It also helps to see real women (they are mostly women) with real bodies that have done what I am doing. They also generally have a small sampling of what they eat, which I find very helpful because eating in the real world is so much harder than eating in Hollywood.

The recipes are a bonus section. We love making the food in the magazines a lot but we forget which magazine and which issue holds the ones we want to try. Also by cutting them out myself because I can ignore all the beef and pork recipes that I cannot sub out ingredients. We do not eat pork or beef in my house. I would love to give a high and mighty reason but really it is just my boyfriend cannot digest it properly.

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