Monday, October 3, 2011

Training Begins!

I know that the 5k is more than a few months away but with our very limited experience, we are beginning now. The Nerd Herd and I really want to do this and our little herd is growing by the day. Right now it looks like it will be Patti, Erika, Meg, Madeline, Tammy and myself making up the nerd herd. The greatest thing here is that we really have almost every activity and fitness level here so that we are all going to have to help each other.

It also seems that we will be an all female group. Our wonderful nerdy men have not really stepped up to the challenge (or cannot due to ACTUAL physical limitations). They have all talked about going to the Apocalypse party afterwards though, for beer and music in the “safe zone”.

We found a schedule in Fitness Magazine on getting to a 5k in 5 weeks. Of course we don’t need to push it that fast and I am sure most of us can’t. We will keep cycling through the first week until we are all running at least 2 minutes without stopping. The schedule is also giving us set days to do strength and cross training which is something our walking schedule now does not. For this cross training and strength we will be going back to my personal ass kicking favorite, Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.

As for a “diet” to go with this that is something we are discussing, mostly right now we are trying to make sure that everyone is watching what and how much they eat. I do know that if I keep working out the way I am I am going to need to eat more, I will keep my midday walk up as long as I can and do the other training schedule. I also expect my very new to fitness peeps to experience that hunger you get when you first start working out that “OMG I am going to eat everything and your face” hunger. I am hoping to get us all to eat just more good for you stuff but it will be hard. I know that when I start working out harder I crave high calorie food.

Any advice for all of us noobs?

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  1. You may be more hungry when you first start an exercise routine, but that is your body craving NUTRITION, not high calorie foods.

    Make sure you have some nutritionally dense foods on hand to get you through that first couple weeks of "OMG HUNGRY"

    Things high in protein are great for these cravings - beans, greek yogurt, almonds and even a Clif bar now and then work wonders on keeping the "OMG HUNGRY" away. It also helps to have plenty of fruits and veggies around when the snack attacks come along!

    Good luck on your 5K! Can't wait to read about it!