Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am done! I am sick and tired of 2 things and I aim to end them both in my life and then the lives of my friends. I am going to impose work out punishments on myself and my friends for these infractions. Humans can be trained to start new habits.

I will not tolerate any more self abuse and I don’t mean that the way your parents did when your brother was 13. We are adults and we are going to stop hating ourselves. Whether your self abuse is “ I am so fat”, “I am never going to be sexy”, “Sure once I stop being a tub of fat” or in my case “I can’t wait until I am pretty” / “Someday I will be pretty”. Good lord what is wrong with us. Sure it is healthy to know you need to trim your thighs or tighten your butt, why is it instead of channeling those into positive statements we turn to hateful language. We all do it, it is self shame and I believe it is counterproductive. Today it stops. I am asking everyone to make the effort starting today. Should you feel fat or you are having a bad day I want negative/positive phrased statement such as “I am so fat today, I am glad I still have time to dance!”, “I am not pretty, time to take care of ME!” or something like that.

The second thing we do that drives me crazy and brings no good karma to the world is hating on other peoples bodies. We (women mostly) say things like “skinny bitch” or “enjoying your anorexia?”. Why is that ok? We make ourselves feel normal in our shortcomings. I see it online whenever we look at a celebs body, we judge imperfections and lifestyle choices while we eat McDonalds and sit on our computers as if we can judge. Closer to home, we are cruel to friends and acquaintances alike any chance we can. We call them skinny and call their dress slutty when in reality we are slightly envious of the ability to nom fast food and still maintain a size 0.

It ends today and hopefully people will join me. If we engage in the behavior above we will take be forced to endure punishments. The first 3 times you are caught in the act you must perform 20 push ups (modified are just dandy) 4-7 times I want 20 push ups and 20 sit ups and finally for 8-10 times I want 20 push ups, 20 sit ups and 20 squats.

I want people to hold me accountable and will do the same for anyone willing to join me in this. I know that my boyfriend will be the first person to say “Down and give me 20”.

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