Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Support Systems

One of the more important things that we need when we start changing our lives is a support system. When I started this process, it’s true I started alone. I wanted to make a change and I went after it. I met my sweetie right after that, he is patient zero. When I did not want to work out, which happens a lot when you start changing; he was the first person to say “shut up and do it” (nicely of course). I never really had that before, I was with women and men who never said or thought that I could be better than I was at that moment. Some of my friends at the time watched me balloon up and said NOTHING to me.

When I moved to Wisconsin my sweetie was still my primary support. I think my family loved the results but never had the ability to truly support me. He kicked my butt, complimented me and would very kindly remind me of if I missed to many workouts. I always knew it was in my best interest because even when I felt a hint of resentment, the reality was I had not worked out consistently in a few weeks.

Fast forward to my life now in Racine, we somehow created a support group without any outside prodding. It started with one person asking for a workout partner. The next thing I know is there is a group of us walking just to start moving. If you had asked some of them 5 months ago they might have thought it would be impossible that in just 5 months they would be training for a 5k. That they would sit at my table after a walk and say “I think I could try a marathon someday”, they would have laughed. Yet here we are, pushing forward working with our gaming schedules, work schedules and making it work each day.

We support each other. I am not sure that many of us had this support before. We poke each other, almost annoy each other when we think we are slacking and as I just found out, telling each other to stop and sleep. We are not competing against each other, it’s not a race to see who loses the most weight or who looks the best rather we want to see us as a whole live a healthier life. We want to be that group of fit nerds able to go in cosplay and kick your ass in Munchkin.

Hopefully we will continue to support, love and care for each other, at least until we are running from the zombies.

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