Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week of Thanks!

Sure its clichéd and I am sure I did a list last year but as I see it there is no reason not to do it now. I should be appreciative of the people and things in my life. I am far luckier than most.

1. Karl aka @TheEduHater. He is the love of my life and I can think of nothing better than spending my life being cuddled in the morning, playing games all day and well our nighttime activities. He is supportive and honest. No one makes me as happy or laugh as often as he does, I love my Karl.

2. My Nerd Herd. Sure we are all over the map sometimes but we are all working towards a common goal and we are not afraid to be brutally honest with each other. The bonus is our gossip is less about people and more about what happened at the gaming table.

3. My Friends. There are few words to describe how much I love my friends. They have given me a family that is as crazy as I need. I love the fact we just like each other, we don’t need reasons to hang out or activities to keep us occupied we actually miss planed activities because we get distracted by just enjoying each other’s company.

4. My job. Even as a temp there has rarely been a place where I have felt so valued. I am a member of a team and that has meaning. Plus I got my first business cards here.

5. This evolving body. Yes there are days where I hate it with a passion. It feels awkward, bulky and at times bigger than it should be but it is capable of incredible things. I feel alive when I am truly in my body. I put this body through hell, miles and miles on my feet and the complaints I get in return are negligible. I can dance and feel sexy things I never thought possible.

6. Twitter! I am addicted to twitter and I love the people I have found here. They are nice, supportive and frankly I learn a lot from them.

7. Netflix. Yes I know it is shallow but I am a geek damnit and I adore being able to watch Torchwood, The X-Men (cartoon series) and Glee at my whim.

8. Pandora. This has let me make playlist that service my whims. One day it is Disney, the next R. Kelly, then Garth Brooks and I can hear it all without too many annoyingly bad songs.

9. McAuliffe’s Pub. Yes I have a pub on the list. Why? This is our second home; we are always welcomed with open arms. They have our fave drinks on tap and know what we actually drink. Besides where else can you watch the Packers, play trivia and watch Walking Dead all on the same day. It’s like Disney land, the happiest place on earth. PS there is a shot for every touchdown and every good zombie kills. Thanks JJ.

10. People. I know this is vague but let me explain. I am thankful for the people I meet every day. My waitress at Rooster’s who puts up with me sitting alone and reading at lunch, the people who are running the “Recall Walker” petition van parked across from my office, everyone who smiles and says “Hello” on the street, the people at any “Occupy” place I respect your effort, Jack Chick, and I know I have missed a bunch of people but I am grateful for them all.

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