Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stunning lack of motivation AKA winter is cold

So it is very cold outside, very cold. I am still not sure how my body functions in the cold because it always feels partially frozen. I want to be outside, I spoiled myself by working out all spring, summer and fall outside in the convenience of nature. It was so easy to hit the pavement and fit that into my crazy schedule.

The schedule I have seems to be putting a clamp on my work out schedule. Just so I can have it in writing, Monday we have Trivia, Tuesday we have our Hallow Earth Game, Wednesday is our free night, Thursday we have a D&D type game, Friday we have Vampire, Saturdays we tend to have Holiday parties and such right now and Sunday is football and Trivia again. In between all of those activities we also have a home to maintain, meals to cook and just general life stuff. My work out schedule is supposed to look like Monday 2 mile walk/run, Tuesday is Cardio, Wednesday is strength training, Thursday is a rest, Friday is 3 mile walk/run, Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is 4 miles walk/run. Right now it is just not clicking.

I know that I choose to have the schedule that I have and during the summer and fall we were doing pretty well at keeping it up but right now I feel like it is falling apart. We are doing Cardio on Monday, Tuesday and Strength on Wednesday but after that it seems to just disappear. I am not getting enough sleep or I am not getting enough good sleep. I find it hard to motivate myself to travel to the gym at 9 o’clock at night knowing that I am not going to get to bed until midnight. I do miss being able to hit the gym at lunch time to get my sweat on.

This sparks that never ending loop of energy crashes; I am not working out so I have less energy to work out. It’s a loop that can only be stopped once I consistently work out for about a week. Also with this lack of energy comes a self loathing pattern that could spiral out of control. I am trying to take control but I am not sure where I can start cutting activities. On top everything, I would love to be able to start trying to get my personal training certification.

I don’t think I am prepared to give up my gaming time, at least not all of it. I think anything I give up will make me feel like I am letting people down. How do people do everything they want? I am at the point where even taking a scalpel to my schedule feels like using a machete. Is there a cheat code I am missing or is this the part of the game where you stop doing the side quests just to finish?

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  1. Sounds like you are so busy. I guess it is about finding a bit better balance plus a touch of weekend motivation. i know that i have a tendency to start the week strong and it all goes down as the week progresses. so you are to alone. The one thing that has kept me moving a little bit every day was the challenges i signed up for. Maybe that would beef some help.

    By the way, not sure if you are interested but I am hosting a challenge. Please check it out.
    I'd love to have you. If not...also feel free to give me some tips as this is my 1st time hosting a challenge.. :-)