Friday, January 27, 2012

Friend Christmas!!!

So Christmas was a month ago the exception being for me and my merry band of nerd friends. We had out Christmas bash on Saturday. A good time was had by all. We really had over twenty people crammed in the basement of our friend’s house. We had food, Egg Nog, Pumpkin pies and presents.

For me the night had a few moments worth talking about here for the world to oogle. First my dear friend and Nerd Herd sister Erika painted this wonderful picture of my boyfriend and mine’s cat who passed right before Christmas. It was amazing and what was more amazing was the shimmer of tears in all of our friend’s eyes that had the pleasure of meeting what was an extraordinary kitty. I gave all my Nerd Herd Girls little tennis shoe charm necklaces along with a little note that read

“With Every drop of sweat,
Every ache and pain,
When breathing becomes panting,

Remember you are not alone,
We walk, run, and sweat together.

We are The Nerd Herd.”

The most amazing thing though was watching our friend, who is so anti commercialization of Christmas, We all swear his heart grew three sizes that day. He said that seeing all the joy we were so eager to give to each other meant that sometimes Christmas is not only commercial (he might have called himself a douche when he realized that he actually received presents but did not buy anyone anything).

There were tears of joy, laughter, food, lots of beer, wine, port, cider and even champagne! We have a tremendous family of friends; I don’t think there is anything that we would not do for each other if we had the capability. I love them all!

Merry Friend Christmas!

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