Friday, January 27, 2012

New Location, New Opportunities!

So my company moved to Kenosha from Racine making my commute 20 whole minutes. Sure all my stuff is still on a pallet and I am not keeping the desk I am at currently but it is a much nicer office. I am not shivering and I don’t feel dirty just from walking into the room. I have lost the ability to drink coffee and talk to my nerd herd pal Patti during lunch now that I am not 5 blocks from her house.

I do now have to drive right by the gym on my way home so on my way home each night I will stop by the gym. I am hoping the fervor has died down by now because the last time I attempted to stop there between 5 and 6 I could not find a place to park, literally. I have the opportunity to try at least.

Now I am going to rant about my gym for a moment. It is huge but because they initial sign up fee was so low and the monthly payment is $10.00 they have a huge clientele. We have rarely been able to ever get machine even close to each other. To put this in perspective there are about 90k people in Racine County and the gym has 9k members. It’s more than all the people as well, there are definitely things that we were promised that has not been delivered. First we were told that it would be a 24 hour gym, and all of us asked about this multiple times. As it turns out it is not 24 hours 7 days a week but rather 4 days a week. It wrecked our plans to work out Friday after gaming and Sunday after Trivia, the few times I think all of us could have met at the same time. We were told that there would be a 5+ lane Olympic sized pool, there is a 3 lane pool that is often cloudy and full of kids. It is still only 10 bucks a month so time will tell once the flakes fall off and if they don’t, well good for Racine and I will find a new gym.

In the new opportunities categories I am starting a new “challenge”. The 1 million kilo challenge, yes it is Australian but it looks fun. I signed up for this because it does something I LOVE and need; it gives me a grocery list. I am putting myself and my boyfriend on this eating plan because a lot of the recopies seems to be scaled for 2 people. It seems to offer variety and the bonus is this lovely added section that tells you how to make the meal vegetarian. We are so not vegetarian but my sweetie can not eat 4 legged animals so sometimes it is nice to see an option that is meat free. That being said there is not a whole lot of the 4 legged critters on the menu anyway. Some of the food is distinctly not American but brand swaps are SO easy. I am going to give it a try and see what happens.

I am feeling inspired and optimistic! Also I am working on a geek blog post because I feel like I have not been geek enough on here lately.

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