Friday, February 17, 2012

Boot Camp Online?

On my hunt for a blog topic I learned that the fine folks at are having a FREE boot camp. Since I love these guys so much I thought I would take a look, talk about it and see if I can participate. By “see if I can participate” I mean if I will have the time. I love boot camp style work outs. I also love the idea of online group classes. The convenience of being at home and with a group is kinda cool. I love technology! Now lets dig into the meat of their class, shall we?

The description reads as:

“Kick your butt into shape with Jacqueline. Her unique combinations of body weight exercises will have you burning 400-700 calories in just 45 minutes. Get your heart rate up with new programs each week. Classes are capped at 8 people over Skype.”

First having worked with Jacqueline, I trust it will thoroughly kick my ass. As most people know I LOVE body weight work outs.

I liked this class. It was fun and involving and while I am not sure I could get my camera set up for it every week, last night was no camera required, I really want to do it again. I love really hard work outs that challenge me physically.

All the accolades aside I did have a few issues. First I can not do a whole lot of jumping because I am on the 3rd floor and my work out space is over our neighbor’s apartment. Some of the moves were a bit difficult for my fitness level but I think they are the type that after a few sessions I will be much better at. I am sore this morning but it is that wonderful “I challenged myself” sore. I am stretching at my desk as we speak.

Overall I think it is a great way to attend a group class in the comfort of your home.

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