Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Disfigured: A Review

So I watched Disfigured yesterday. It is a movie that hit my radar months ago but I let it slip through the cracks then I found it, put it on my instant queue and it has sat there for about a month. I watched it yesterday. I have to say I am sad I waited so long and I can’t wait to watch it with friends.

The premise is, an anorexic woman tries to join a fat acceptance group. She ends up forming a friendship with a woman from the group. It sounds like a strange social commentary and an odd couple comedy. It is in no way that simple. These characters are deeply complex and in a stroke of realistic writing we find ourselves really wanting to learn more about the characters as humans not as stereotypes. It would have been very easy to make the “fat girl” self deprecating and “funny” and to turn the anorexic girl in to a sad mopey creature. They are these things but it is sot that simple.

We dive into the mindset of someone who is by all accounts a compulsive eater, when she ate, how she ate and why she ate. We also get to feel that desire to be anorexic, because in all truth which one of us fat girls have not sat there and wished we could just stop eating, that all our issues could be solved if we never ate again.

On the flip side instead of seeing the typical health side affects and over dramatization of anorexia we see a woman who looking in a mirror sees fat. We see who sad she is that there is never a perfect image to obtain. We also see how angry it makes her, how she has neglected, knowingly, human interaction because she is fat.

There are great, jarring moments in this film. When Darcy is “teaching” Lydia to be anorexic, they are sitting on at the boardwalk judging people’s bodies. When Lydia hears the horrible things Darcy sees when looking at normal people she says, “I can’t imagine what you think when you see me, go ahead say it” Darcy does and we watch Lydia fight back tears but says nothing. We watch Lydia lose it and scream at Darcy, calling her a shell of a human and asking her what she does to actually take care of her self.

There is this small side story line which does feel a bit added in but not tacked on if that makes sense. Lydia meets a man named Bob who she has a connection with and they become f-buddies before they have a falling out. It leads to a wonderful messy real sex scene that is on the explicit side. We see to fat people having and enjoying sex. There is no shame, no Hollywood romance bull just sex. I am not sure I have ever seen a sex seen done so well with a big woman so thoroughly enjoying herself.

I am not sure if the writers/directors meant for it to be so very inspirational but it is. I want to start a group where we talk about our body image, what we see and what we present. As I said at the onset, I love this movie and want to watch it with all my friends.

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