Friday, March 30, 2012

Hitting Reset

I am going to be honest; I have had a horrible winter. All the progress and fitness I gained over the summer melted into the snow. I am going to sit here and acknowledge that the high I got from exercise, I replaced with food and sleep over the winter. By the skin of my teeth I have not gained more than a few pounds, that is mostly because I only ate crap and stopped eating the rest of the time. I am not proud of myself.

I am also ashamed that I let down my fitness pal. When the weather changed we did not stick to any sort of indoor activities. I let her down. I was supposed to be the knowledgeable one, the one above the distractions. I should have been there pushing her and pushing myself. For that I am sorry.

On Wednesday we gave ourselves an intervention. We are going to work together rather than settling for the status quo. We have a plan in place, we have an idea of pace and vague goals. What I am more proud of is our plan to take a pic, and measurements every month. We have built a book to journal and track not only progress but our feelings and triggers. I will be honest; taking all those measurements will force us to deal with our reality up front. Oh yeah, I finally cut out all the work outs in the magazines I have accumulated and we picked out workouts we felt capable of doing and that will be a separate book.

Emotionally speaking we both know that we have self destructive tendencies, and we both have binge and hide issues. When no one is watching we will eat an entire large bag of M&Ms. We have to deal with what we hate about our bodies then take control of them. We both know that the key to our happiness is overcoming our bad habits and taking aim at a sleeker and fit future.

Personally things I need to really work on are snacking, food choices, and focus. I can not allow things to distract me from my purpose. I am no good to my family of friends and more importantly my sweetie if I am a sad lump on the couch. I am worth so much more than that. I am planning on waking up every morning and taking time to make myself look nice, a touch of make up and time on my hair.

Speaking of hair…I will have a surprise for you on Saturday! Watch the twitters!

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